International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2016)

November 28-December 02, 2016 - Paris, France

Call for Papers

The International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS2016) will be held in Paris, France, November 28-December 02, 2016. ICCS intends to bring together researchers and developers in the academic field and industry from around the world to share their research experiences and to explore research collaborations in the areas of computational science.

You are warmly invited to submit an extended abstract/full paper, and/or a proposal to organize a technical session. All accepted abstracts should be extended by the authors to a full paper (4 pages or less, Up to 2 extra pages may be purchased on demand), which will be published as a CD of proceedings with ISBN (for green earth consideration) to be distributed at the conference.

Distinguished papers, after further revisions, will be considered for possible publication in several SCI & EI indexed special issues of prestigious international journals soon after the Symposium.

Scope and Interests

We welcome submissions on all facets of computational science. Topics include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Knowledge and Data Engineering
    • Data mining and Knowledge Discovery
    • Data Mining and Database Technology
    • Big data and cloud compuing
    • Big data analysis and decision support system
    • Distributed knowledge base and database processing

  2. Distributed and Parallel Algorithms
    • Numerical parallel algorithms
    • Non numerical parallel algorithms
    • Algorithms exploiting distributed computing environment
    • Performance assessment with computation/communication complex analysis

  3. Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
    • Grid computing platforms and tools
    • Grid Software and Middleware
    • Cloud computing

  4. Numerical Methods
    • Numerical algorithms for large scale computations
    • Domain decomposition methods
    • Parallel in time domain methods
    • Model reduction methods

  5. Image Processing and Visualization
    • Image segmentation
    • Image fusion
    • Image formation
    • Image compression
    • Compression and decompression for multimedia applications
    • Image synthesis techniques
    • Visualization algorithms
    • Visualization of virtual objects
    • Distributed/parallel algorithms in image and vision processing
    • Geometric modelling and fractals

  6. Network Information Security
    • Cryptography
    • Firewall Technology
    • Web Security
    • Network authentication technology
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Computer Virus Prevention Technology
    • Web resources management and system design for e-science and e-engineering
    • Web performance analysis for business, engineering and science

  7. Last-Mile Smart Mobility
    • Personal Transporters
    • Last-Mile Logistics
    • Smart Environment
    • Mobility Behavior