International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2016)

November 28-December 02, 2016 - Paris, France


Welcome to ICCS2016

The Universite Paris Saclay/CentraleSupelec is pleased to host the ICCS2016 in Paris, France.

The Computational Science area has earned prominence through advances in electronic and integrated technologies beginning in the 1940s. Current times are very exciting and the years to come will witness a proliferation in the use of various advanced computing systems. It is increasingly becoming an emerging and promising discipline in shaping future research and development activities in academia and industry, ranging from engineering, science, finance, economics, arts and humanitarian fields, especially when the solution of large and complex problems must cope with tight timing schedules.

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together mathematicians, computational scientists and computer scientists to discuss and exchange on news approach, methods and algorithms in the areas of advanced computing for complex problems.

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